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 after launchWhat’s included in the website design?

The flat fee includes a website design of up to 5 pages. Each additional page is $100. You must supply a registered domain name or be willing to purchase one, as well as hosting fees, deemed by your host. We will discuss what pages you want, theme designs, content, and your site goals. We will provide all design elements, including graphics, widgets, and custom CSS. We also provide editing and copywriter services, so you don’t have to worry about figuring out what to say. Upon payment, design time takes 1-2 weeks – this is heavily dependent on client response time and content acquisition. Gallery design includes editing of up to 100 photos. During this time, you may make as many revisions and additions as you need. In the first week after launch, we will continue to optimize for mobile, make revisions, and maintain site integrity. Once you are satisfied with your sites appearance and functionality, we will return control of the site to you.

How long will it take?

Site design can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks. This is heavily dependent on revisions and approvals, as well as provided materials. Be sure to have your necessary text and media prepared, and reply to design notes as quickly as you can to cut down on this time!

How are services billed?

All services are billed and paid via PayPal. Each month, you will receive an invoice for services, along with analytics or digital goods.

What if I need help later with my site?

You might need to change out a coupon, or add some photos to your gallery. Maybe a browser update broke your site – it happens! If we designed your site, you’ll get a free month of maintenance for 1 month immediately after it goes live. If you’d like to continue maintenance, we offer a 6 month deal!

What kind of maintenance does a website need?

Websites run on code, some of which is provided via plugins for special functionality. In addition, platforms will often update their own template code. In these cases, these updates can “break” your site, cause graphics to mis-align, text to look wonky, and even lose site functionality. Monthly audits are recommended to maintain consistent functionality, which is why we offer a 6 month package. Social Peeps uses a third-party design program that requires an authentication key. This is important to remember should you choose in the future to manually make changes. Making changes without this key can result in complete loss of functionality.

Does maintenance include new site graphics?

This is an important distinction. Under the maintenance package, we will retouch, resize, and add up to 10 images per month. The original images must be provided by you. Any custom content falls under Graphic Design and is billed per item. This extends to the rest of the site as well. Maintenance does not include any website redesign or layout alterations.


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