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What will I gain from a Social Media Manager?

Time, dahling. Social media is a necessary evil, and a time consuming one at that. But it’s so much more than status updates! Utilizing trending topics and industry news, we will provide fresh, relevant information to your current and prospective clients. Custom content creation, with localized posts, and outreach in a concerted effort to pull new local contacts. Think of it as Social Media Management with a side of Strategy!.

Can I have post approval?

Trust: the #1 ingredient of any relationship. Post scheduling is intentional. This is to take advantage of trending topics, publishing dates, peak times, holidays and events. That’s a really long way of saying no. But here’s my promise to you – there will never be a post containing politics, religion, race, personal opinions, negative comments, nudity, controversial topics, or personal biases.

Do I have to give you control of my account, or my password?

No Way! We will never ask for your password or other sensitive info. Once a client, you will simply add us as an Editor, and we’ll take over posting from there.

Can I still post myself?

Absolutely! You never have to check with us or get permission – this is YOUR account, and you decide what you post and when.

How are services billed?

All services are billed and paid via PayPal. Each month, you will receive an invoice for services, along with analytics or digital goods.

How do I cancel?

We would be super bummed if you decided we weren’t a good fit, but we get it – Social Media can be a personal thing, and if our vibe doesn’t match yours, we understand. Cancelling is as simple as not paying your bill. We bill a week before your post schedule ends, so delay in paying means delay in re-starting your schedule.  If you’re cancelling, simply ignore the invoice. We wish you nothing but good business!

How does it work, exactly?

Once you sign up for our services, there is a one week delay to post, so your service doesn’t actually begin until that time. We spend that week optimizing your social media accounts, creating custom content for you, and learning your vibe. But no worries – you’re still going to get the 5 weeks you paid for! Don’t have a profile to manage? No worries! We do that too! Find out more about Profile Creation.

How much of my profile activity can you see?

We cannot see your personal messages, page info, or sensitive data. However, your business page is another matter. We can see what you post, when you post, your comments, likes, mentions, and most importantly, your messages. Here’s where the trust comes in: We absolutely pride ourselves on maintaining privacy. Can we see your messages with your clients? Yes we can. Do we? Well, no. Here’s how it works: as an Editor or Admin of your business accounts, we will automatically get a notification when there is activity. And we ignore it, simple as that. Our only concern is our clients, not their clients. There are ways to tell if someone has been accessing your messages, and we will gladly share that with you – we practice total transparency.

Can I share my content?

This one’s tricky, so we’ll break it down. If you created and posted the item in question, that belongs to you and you may redistribute it in any way you like. If it’s a link to a third party, like an article or video, re-post at will! If we created the content and posted to your account, we own that content and it cannot be shared. The easiest way to tell is our content is stamped with our Peep logo.

What platforms do you support?

While your subscription includes 1 platform, you can always add more for $25 each. Content will be evenly distributed among your accounts based on your subscription level. Current platforms available for posting are:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest

  • Youtube

  • LinkedIn

  • Freelanced

We add and remove platforms based on popularity and stability.


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