Sales Tracker 2018 - Before Social Media Integration

Just look at it. Sad, right? In 365 days, I only made 66 sales. I’m gonna try something new…

Sales Tracker 2018 - After Social Media Integration

Now that’s more like it! 171 sales. Let’s do some quick math ….




Sales Increase


Profit Margin Increase

New Followers

How did I do that?

I connected my storefront to Facebook and Pinterest. That’s it. See the blue section? That’s Pre-Social Media. Look at those original listing dates, languishing. Then… 


The pink shows when Social Media went into effect. I saw an immediate sales increase that remained steady all year.


We’re not promising to boost your profits, generate leads, or dominate your competition. You are the professional in your field. What we promise to you is local, relevant, and custom Social Media and Design that you don’t have to think about so you can focus on actually growing your business.

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