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Social Peeps is a Social Media & Graphic Design business specializing in localized content creation and web design.

Social Media Management

There’s no shortage of Social Media pros, just like there’s no shortage of mediocrity. Coincidence? Perhaps, but I wouldn’t chance it. We focus on a more personalized, localized experience.

Graphic Design

Logos, Marketing materials, Vehicle Wraps, Business Cards, Illustration, Digital Manipulation. An infinite well of creativity is ready to communicate your vision.

Website Design

No templates here! Utilizing proprietary building tools, we can create a website that welcomes your guests with professionalism and is aesthetically ahead of your competition.

Profile Creation

You’d be surprised how many people are just plain uncomfortable with the internet. No judgement here! We’ll get you all setup.

Account SEO Audit

Whether you’ve had the account a while or just want it configured correctly, we can streamline and ensure proper SEO and branding.

Website Maintenance

Website running slow, links not loading? Sounds like you might need someone to clean house and get your digital presence back on track.

Who We Are

Arizonans for 20 years, we have local knowledge that gets overlooked by the Box firms. Local festivals, news, and events can all be beneficial marketing tools, and you don’t even have to go stand in the heat! We understand the ebb and flow of seasonal visitors, and how that can change the way local social media is consumed.

Reaching your audience in a most delightful way.

Angelique Anderson

Angelique Anderson

Social Peep

Angelique holds an Associates Degree in Computer Animation, as well as Network Administration certification. Her digital aptitude includes experience in programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and After Effects, as well as Microsoft Office, Enterprise and HTML/CSS.

A stickler for organization, her ability to multitask while remaining on task was honed from 10+ years in Retail Management. Friendly, honest, reliable and trustworthy, Angelique endeavors to maintain a positive relationship between you and your clients, ensuring you stay on brand.

We understand the complexity of the relationship between social media and business. While we ourselves run a small business, we do so with a stong emphasis on ethics and community responsibility. For this reason, we vet every business and owner we may be hired to represent. This ensures that not only our brand, but yours, is connected to local buniesses that treat their customers, employees, and the community that supports them with respect and dignity. Social Peeps is commited to maintaining a client roster of ethical, compassionate, positive individuals and businesses that encourages inclusivity, diversity, and social wellness.

Angie & Kris

Kristopher Anderson

Kristopher Anderson

Graphics Peep

Kristopher holds an Associates Degree in Computer Animation. His work is done in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, as well as traditional mediums such as ink and marker.

A seasoned illustrator, Kris has worked with multiple authors on projects such as The Great Salt Machine, Bright Eyes, and The Puny Wars. Studied in several different artistic styles, Kris is a pro at creating your unique vision.

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